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Geek Freaks

Jan 17, 2022

Hey all! We're back! We cover all the Batman news coming out over the last couple of weeks and much more. We also do our GF Awards! Thank you to all who voted! 

Here are the links to all the new shows on iTunes. We appreciate every sub and review. They help them out a TON!

Trek Freaks:

Dec 31, 2021

*** Reminder: Trek Freaks is moving to a new channel next year. It will have its own feed, as will all our shows. We will reveal the new channels on Jan 17th!

Hey all! On this week's Trek Freaks, Kevin and Jon discuss 'A Taste of Armageddon.' The Enterprise encounters a society at war for 500 years. The casualties are...

Dec 27, 2021

Geek Freaks Changes: 1:25

News: 5:10

2022 Hype Lists: 26:45

Hey all! Join us as we discuss the expansion of Geek Freaks, the latest news, and what we are excited about in the upcoming year!





Dec 24, 2021

Hey all! Join Jon and Kevin as they discuss Space Seed. This is the first appearance of one of Star Trek's most iconic villains... Khaaaaan!







Dec 19, 2021

The Witcher Review: 40:20

Spider-Man Review: 44: 50

Hey all! We have a review for both Spider-Man No Way Home and The Witcher Season 2. All without spoilers. We also discuss the Splinter Cell remake, NFTs in gaming, Kick-Ass' return, Gotham Knight series, and much more!