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Geek Freaks

May 29, 2019

Hey all! This is our review for John Wick 3. Its a classic John Wick movie that leads it wide open for a 4th. 







May 28, 2019

Hey all! The next movie I review is Brightburn. It's basically what if Superman went evil as a kid. The idea is simple enough. The plot was full of holes and the characters did not develop well. Overall a meh movie. But good potential!



May 27, 2019

Hey all! We had some scheduling difficulties this week between some having work and others vacation. Lucky you... That means MORE FRANK! I know, I know, best day ever! Instead of the normal episode with Nerd News and some reviews I'm doing 3 of our one-off movie reviews. I had no plans this weekend so I got to know my...

May 22, 2019

Hey all! It's an end of a television era as we say farwell to Game of Thrones. It changed tv production, making movie budgets possible. We are generally pretty positive on our thoughts. Can't be a hater for a show that brought me so much joy.


Special thanks to Joshua for joining us on this one and Susy for joining us...

May 20, 2019

Hey all! We have a big episode this week! We talk about the casting of Robert Pattinson to play Batman in the upcoming Matt Reeves film. Game of Thrones creator taking on the next Star Wars movie. Disney getting full control of Hulu and how that will effects the new Disney + streaming service. The Epic Store Mega Sale...