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Geek Freaks

Oct 28, 2019

Hey all! This is our Blizzcon Pregame show. We go over the Blizzcon titles and discuss what we expect to see and some of our long shots.


Heroes of the Storm has a dormant eSports division and a skeleton crew keeping up maintenance. We want to see this game get some love. Bring back the eSports and possible set up a...

Oct 21, 2019

Hey all! Today we are talking about the Watchmen comic. We will review the new show in a few weeks.

Our goal with CBC is to review and discuss some of the biggest staples in comic book history. We will go over both the story itself and it’s importance in comics.

First is Watchmen by Alan Moore. We came in with a bang!...

Oct 14, 2019

Arcade vs Pass: 0:50

Boycott Blizzard: 16:30

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review: 57:30

Arrowverse Recap: 1:18:00

 Hey all! This week we start with Apple Arcade vs Google Pass Play. Both are really a good deal being only $5 a month. In the end it comes down to selection and game development. We then review Ghost Recon...

Oct 9, 2019

Hey all! Let's get into all the details of joker! We have our spoiler filled Joker review. We go over all the moments of the movie and our thoughts and emotions about what is happening. 





Oct 7, 2019

Hey all! The first thing we are talking about this week is the new Joker Film. This is one of those movies you must go to dinner afterwards so you can process the message of this movie with friends. The slow mental decent of Arthur Fleck was heart wrenching and triumphant. At story feels both impossible and very...