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Geek Freaks

Nov 12, 2019

Call of Duty Review: 15:40

Alex Schumacher Interview: 28:09

Outer Worlds Review: 1:01:37

Hey all! This week we talk with Alex Schumacher. Writer and Artist of “Decades of (in)Experience” and “Mr. Butterchips. Decades follows an average 34 year old as he struggles to balance a career as a creator and a healthy relationship. It’s a story of surviving in a world that expects so much while providing little direction or help. Mr. Butterchips is reminiscent of the underground comics that started a revolution in comics bring the “kids” medium into the alleys were people were sharing truths. Mr. Butterchips shows the the world and how it works; weather or not you wanted to know. You can find Alex’s work on his site at Be sure to dive in the archives to experience the growth of the character and Alex as an artist.

Next is our Call of Duty review. CoD returned to form with it’s latest installment, Modern Warfare. Much like it’s name sake, Modern Warfare gives you an expansive campaign that explores warfare in our times. You also get the multiplayer that made CoD a house hold name and one of Activision Blizzard’s tent pole franchises.

Lastly is Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment brought the heat with this answer to Fallout. They developed Fallout 1 and 2 then made Fallout New Vegas. Needless to say, they new what they were doing. With Outer Worlds, they took a familiar formula and perfected the game play, art design, and story. So basically everything. This plays much faster and almost feels lighter than simialr games. It’s Time Dilation aim assist is what VATS should be. The design of this world and it’s inhabitants is stunning. Bright and full of life. And the story has you truly weighing your option with no clear path. No black and white, all grays.