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Geek Freaks

Jun 12, 2022

Hey all! This week I'm joined by the talented Phillip Maria and we discuss his new anthology series 'Purple Eyes.' This project unites 33 creators to tell 18 fascinating stories. 

Purple Eyes:

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Jun 3, 2022

Hey all! We are talking with Zach Winn, developer of "Mocha Mania." We chat about his career, inspiration, and goals. Join in on this interesting conversation with an up-and-coming video game dev!


Zach Winn's Site:

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May 20, 2022

This is the new trailer for Geek Freaks. Check out all our shows below!


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Apr 15, 2022

Hey all! This week I'm chatting with Laurie about her new comic "Path of the Pale Rider." This comic follows a modern cowboy trying to find answers after the world collapses. Death no longer matters, and yet, it's everything in this new society. 


Apr 13, 2022

Hey all! We are talking to the hosts of the new podcast, Disney Moms Gone Wrong! Join me in chatting with Susan, Diana, and Sarah about their Disney passion and what it's like to raise the next generation of Disney fans!
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