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Geek Freaks

Jun 13, 2022

Hey all! This week Jon and Frank discuss Ms. Marvel, Xbox Showcase, Discord competing with Twitter, Gaming Music joining the Emmys, and much more!


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Jun 9, 2022

Hey all! We are joined by Sy and Gordon, writers of "Leader Assemble." Their book explores the lessons of leadership through the lens of the MCU. Join us as we compare Cap and Iron Man to today's leaders. 

Leader Assemble:

Feb 7, 2022

Hey all! This week Frank is sharing all the latest Star Trek news, the death of Google stadia, the success of Nintendo Switch, and the casting reveal for Madame Webb!

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Pushing Buttons:
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Jan 17, 2022

Hey all! We're back! We cover all the Batman news coming out over the last couple of weeks and much more. We also do our GF Awards! Thank you to all who voted! 

Here are the links to all the new shows on iTunes. We appreciate every sub and review. They help them out a TON!

Trek Freaks:

Oct 18, 2021

Hey all! This week Squeaks and Frank discuss Back 4 Blood, Halloween Kills, and DC Fandome! What was your favorite Fandome reveal?