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Geek Freaks

May 4, 2023

Jeff Ryan on Amazon:

Welcome to this episode of the podcast, where we have the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Ryan, the author of two fantastic biographies: one about Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher, and another about Spider-Man.

In this interview, Jeff takes us on a journey through his writing process, how he became interested in these particular subjects, and what he discovered while researching and writing the biographies.

Firstly, Jeff talks about his Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher biography, which delves into the life of one of the most iconic actresses of our time. Jeff also discusses the challenges he faced in writing about someone so beloved, and how he navigated some of the more sensitive topics in her life.

Next, Jeff takes us through his Spider-Man biography, where he explores the origins and evolution of one of Marvel's most popular superheroes. He shares with us his love for comics and how he approached writing about a character that has been around for over 50 years. Jeff also touches on how Spider-Man reflects the social and cultural changes that have occurred in America over the past few decades.

Throughout the interview, Jeff provides fascinating insights into his research process, and how he was able to piece together the stories of these two vastly different characters. He also reflects on the impact that these characters have had on popular culture, and why they continue to be so relevant today.

Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, Marvel comics, or simply interested in the art of biography writing, this interview with Jeff Ryan is not to be missed. Tune in to hear about the life and times of Princess Leia and Spider-Man, and the man who brought their stories to life.


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