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Geek Freaks

Apr 14, 2020

Hey all! We hope you're doing well and staying safe. This week we tried something new this week with a variety of co-hosts. If you liked how it turned out then please let us know through the socials. We kick things off with the News of the Week with Squeaks. Squeaks and Frank talk about the Ezra Miller situation, PS5 controller revealed and Nintendo admits a lawsuit and banning. After the news we chat with our friends Sammy who's been reviewing Valorant for us. He breaks down the feel of the game and his favorite character. Daniel reviews the Resident Evil 3 Remake. He is a lifetime RE player and compares this game to its predecessor. Jonathan and Frank then discuss the new streaming service Quibi. This brings a couple of new things to the streaming world that might change the game. Lastly, we go over more good news from around the world! We hope you enjoy!