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Geek Freaks

Mar 28, 2023

Time Stamps

News: 4:11

Shazam Review and Discussion: 31:20

Diablo 4 Review: 50:20

Resident Evil Review: 57:26

Hey all! Welcome to this episode of Geek Freaks! In this episode, we start off by discussing our favorite board games and tabletop RPGs. We asked our listeners on Twitter about their favorites, and now we share ours.

In our Quickies segment, we cover a range of topics from new video game adaptations, upcoming episodes of The Skelton Crew, and the official announcement of the Ghostbusters sequel. We also talk about the penning of Netflix's "Gears of War" adaptation and Valve's confirmation of Counter-Strike 2 arriving in summer 2023. Plus, we share exciting news about The Mandalorian season 3 bringing back Ahmed Best as Kelleran Beq, and Apple investing $1 billion a year in releasing movies in theaters.

We move on to our Reviews section, where Kyle shares his thoughts on RE Remake and Diablo 4.

In our News section, we discuss the announcement of the Unreal Editor in Fortnite, which unlocks new potential for players. We also talk about the recent firing of Marvel President Victoria Alonso and how it might impact Marvel's VFX and animation, and the underperformance of Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Finally, we end the episode with our Recommendations and Network News. Tune in to find out what we've been enjoying lately!

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