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Geek Freaks

May 9, 2023

Hey all! Welcome to the Geek Freaks Podcast! In this episode, we'll be discussing the ideal length for a single-player game, as suggested by a tweet from @Qwik. We'll also be diving into some quickies, including news that King of the Hill is returning with a 15-year time jump, the latest Dune 2 trailer featuring Paul riding a sandworm, and rumors that Margot Robbie has been offered the role of Sue Storm. Moving on to the news, we'll be talking about the recent strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA). The union is claiming that in the streaming era, they are not being paid fairly and that the companies’ actions have created a gig economy within a union workforce. This work stoppage is effectively halting production on broadcast programs, streaming shows, and possibly some films, upending the entertainment industry. In other news, Discord has announced that it will be making users pick new usernames in the coming weeks. The new usernames will drop the four-digit number attached to the end of usernames, and Discord's co-founder and chief technology officer wrote online that the changes are meant to make it easier for people to find and connect with each other. Lastly, ChatGPT suggests that World of Warcraft's next expansion should be a return to Shadowlands. According to an IGN article, the WoW director says ChatGPT told him to revisit one of WoW's least-loved expansions. We'll be using ChatGPT to see what other ideas it has for WoW sequels. And of course, we'll wrap things up with our recommendations for the week. Don't miss this episode of the Geek Freaks Podcast!

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