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Geek Freaks

Sep 9, 2019

Hey all! This week we talk about some of the announcement from Disney on the changes coming to their parks world wide. I personally must see this new EPCOT Center. Wouldn’t mine the new Star Wars Starship Cruiser is I win the lottery. Next we discuss the big holiday events coming to Universal Studios and Disneyland. Disneyland lets out all their classic villains and Universal sets up a series of themed mazes. This years star is the Stranger Things maze. Lastly we talk about our Top 5 Theme Park Rides. Talking about these makes me want to hop in the car and head to Anehiem. Most of these rides are ones we’ve been on but a couple are just excellent YouTube videos and stories. On a side note; I do bring up the Gyro Drop from Korea. I want to mention that post recording I discovered the footage I enjoy so much is actually fake. I put a disclaimer in the podcast as well. It’s still neat to see so we will still be showing both fake and actual footage.